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How it Works

The Reading Ladder:

A multi-sensory, concept by concept approach that teaches kids to read, especially those for whom reading does not come easily.

• Each reading concept is a building block.  As each lesson is taught the new concepts extend those taught in previous lessons.  This builds a strong reading foundation, just like a house

Why it Works 

Teacher Tested & Approved:
 • Effective method for students with special needs and those that learn differently

• Successful way to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) learners

•Lessons are tailored to meet the specific needs of each student

• This method reaches all different types of students and learners

• Proven to increase literacy scores; this benefits learning in all subjects at every stage of life

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My daughter progressed really fast, I’m impressed. The techniques are straight forward and efficient.

Vidya Voora


Thank you for getting my daughter more comfortable with reading. In just 3 classes she’s reading so much better. She’s also very happy when she knows she has a class with you. (Sandra Campanelli – Latin Groove)

Susana Prevost

Over 18 years of teaching, I developed an innovative method to teach kids to read.


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